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Sport and the COVID Crisis: To Play or Not to Play

Like many people out there, COVID-19 has affected my business directly.  There's no secret to that.  Without sports events occurring, there is inevitably the perception that mental performance is less important.  Now I don't say this to create some sort of sob story, because there are many who stand at the front lines and feel the impact much more than most: the young athletes.Current athletes have had to deal with continuous cancellations, postponements, and utter confusion about when their seasons will take place and what they will look like.  A recent survey of high school athletes across the nation found that 68% of the 3,243 athletes surveyed reported feelings of anxiety and depression (UW Health, 2020).  These aren't simply just a one-time feeling of anxiety or depression, but feelings that would typically require a medical intervention.  That's over two-thirds of the athletes surveyed and 37% more than any other past research study, and it's all related to …

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