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Social Media and the Athlete

Social media is beneficial in a lot of ways.  If there were no social media, I may have a much harder time sharing this article or sharing the things that Desin Sport Psychology has been up to.  I think that it allows for new connections and sometimes even inspiration, but there's no doubt that it hides a dark side.  That dark side can wreak havoc on the mental performance and mental health of an athlete if the proper perspective isn't in place.

When working with young athletes, we often have to have discussions about expectations.  How do you perceive the expectations of others?  Coaches, teammates, parents, etc.  Also, what are your realistic expectations of yourself?  All with the purpose of bringing athletes to the realization that a "self-focus" is the only way to be at your best mentally.  Sometimes we need help in developing expectations, but it takes the focus off of what we can't control and places it on the things that we can.  In my opinion, many aspec…

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